The mission of the (B)IM Project is to make theatre accessible in Lebanon by performing for free, in site -specific locations across Lebanon.

The (B)IM Project uses free productions and collaborations with artists from around the globe to cross divisions between local groups within Lebanon and boundaries between Lebanon and the international community. We devise and adapt stories rooted in the culture, history and literature of Lebanon. All productions are in colloquial Arabic.


(B)IM is an acronym for "Books in Motion," the name of the first project, where we adapted Lebanese books into plays. We inserted parentheses around the B to indicate flexibility and to indicate that adapting books is not our only activity. Our activities are “in motion” whether touring Lebanon or collaborating overseas.

Under the umbrella of the 2009 UNESCO World Book Capital City Festival, we launched the first, free, traveling theatre festival in Lebanon in 10 public streets across Lebanon. Since 2009, (B)IM has performed in multiple public spaces across Lebanon, including in hospitals, train stations and along the Mediterranean coast.