BIM 2 Hospitals

In the winter of 2010, (B)IM 2 toured 12 hospitals and health centers across Lebanon. The plays were adapted from the books, "What is the Color of the Sea?" by Nadine Touma and "The Shoes of Tanburi" by Fatima Sherreffedine.

February 20 Bahman Hospital, Dahieh
St. George Hospital, Achrafieh
March 6 Hotel Dieu Hospital, Achrafieh
Jeitaoui Hospital, Jeitaoui
March 19 St. Jude’s Cancer Center, Hamra
American University Hospital, Hamra
April 10 Hammoud Hospital, Saida
Nabatiyeh General Hospital, Nabatiyeh
April 16 Chronic Care Center, Hazmiyeh
Hariri Hospital, Bir Hassan
April 24 Nini Hospital, Tripoli
Safadi Foundation, Tripoli